Banquet Nights Menu

3 Course Menu £13.95 – Offer available Tuesday and Wednesday only.
All dishes are available 7 days a week at the prices advertised below



Medium Spiced

Spicy & Hot
WARNING: Please note that most dishes in our menu may contain nuts or gluten. If you are allergic to these please let us know.


Multani Chicken
Chicken Breast marinated in galic, yoghurt, jabitri and boursin cheese. Grilled. Served with homemade mint chutney
Chilli Squid
Crispy fried Squid marinated with tumeric and lemon juice. Finished with spring onion and served coconut chutney.
Chilli Broccoli
Seasonal fresh broccoli marinated in yoghurt, black pepper and finished with spring onion and chilli. Served with yoghurt chutney.
Lamb Tikka
Tandoor Lamb Tikka, fresh seasonal salad.
Served with mint chutney.


Chennai Cod
Pan seared Cod fillet.
Served with a keralan style sauce of coconut and mustard.
Panjabi Lamb Curry
Diced tender lamb.
Kashmiri red chilli, rajasthani spices. brown onion and tomato.
Butter Chicken
Breast of chicken tikka cooked in a rich tomato, creamy onion sauce.
Mushroom Mutter
Fresh mushroom and peas.
Cooked with Indian spices and onion gravy.


Creme Brulee
Passionfruit flavoured creme brulee.
Pistachio / Mango flavoured Indian Ice Cream.
Gulab Jamun
Indian sweet desert. Served with Vanilla Ice Cream