Mothers Day Menu

4 Course Set Menu £29.95



Medium Spiced
WARNING: Please note that most dishes in our menu may contain nuts or gluten. If you are allergic to these please let us know.


Cod Fish Cake
Cod Fish & Potato made with Indian Herbs
Served with Dutch Chilli sauce.


Artichoke Cake (V)
Artichoke with potato,
chick peas & mango.
Served with apricot sauce.
Sticky Honey Lamb
Roasted Lamb strip. Garnished with mint. Served with honey & chilli sauce.
Kalimirchi Chicken
Chicken breast marinated in cracked peppers, ginger, coriander and Greek yoghurt. Served with mint sauce.


Madhu Murgh
Breast of Corned chicken
Simmered in cream of coconut with honey and ground cashew nut.
Served with dates and a ginger naan.
Laal Maas
Rajasthani style lamb curry cooked with red chilli, garlic, coriander, onion, tomato.
Served with Saffron Rice.
Asparagus & Sweet Pumpkin Thoran (V)
Seasonal asparagus and sweet pumpkin
Mixed with chickpeas and cooked in mild spices. Served with Parsley Rice.


Galub Jamun
Indian sweet. Served with Vanilla Ice Cream.
Creme Brulee
Orange & Mango Flavour Creme Brulee.